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  • IGTV was a standalone video application for Android and iOS smartphones, launched by Instagram(...)
  • Image compression is a critical technique in digital technology, enabling efficient storage(...)
  • An image hosting service is a type of online platform that allows users to upload, store, and(...)
  • "Image Sharing" refers to the digital dissemination of photographs on various online(...)
  • An imageboard is a type of internet forum that prioritizes image-based content over text.(...)
  • Imgur is a renowned image-sharing and hosting platform that was established in 2009 by Alan(...)
  • ImmuniWeb is a prominent organization in the field of cybersecurity, known for its extensive(...)
  • Impression management is a theory founded by Erving Goffman, which focuses on how individuals(...)
  • In-game advertising (IGA) is a modern marketing technique that integrates ads into video(...)
  • The term "index term" refers to a specific word, phrase or code that encapsulates the central(...)
  • Industrial marketing, also known as business-to-business (B2B) marketing, is a specialized(...)
  • Inference is a cognitive process that involves drawing conclusions from available evidence and(...)
  • "Influence-for-hire" refers to a growing online phenomenon where discussions, opinions, and(...)
  • Influencer marketing is a promotional strategy where marketers identify individuals who have a(...)
  • An infodemic refers to a situation where there is an excessive amount of information(...)
  • An infomercial is a type of advertisement that blends information with commercial content to(...)
  • Information privacy is a term that refers to the protection and preservation of personal data(...)
  • An Information Society is a societal structure that emerged between the 1970s and early 1990s,(...)
  • Information technology (IT) is a broad term that encompasses the use of computers and other(...)
  • Information warfare is a complex and evolving field that involves the manipulation of trusted(...)
  • Infoseek is a noteworthy entity in the history of Internet search engines. Launched in January(...)
  • Infotainment is a blend of information and entertainment, which originated in the 1980s. This(...)
  • The main entity that this text revolves around is the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of(...)
  • Instagram is a social media platform, initially released in 2010 by founders Kevin Systrom and(...)
  • Instant Messaging (IM) is a digital communication method that enables real-time transmission(...)
  • Intel Corporation is a leading global technology company, known for its significant(...)
  • Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and(...)
  • An intelligent agent is a component of artificial intelligence that perceives its environment(...)
  • Interactive marketing is a dynamic form of marketing in which businesses directly engage with(...)
  • Interactivity is a term used to describe the symbiosis between humans and technology, or(...)
  • Intercultural communication refers to the exchange of information and understanding between(...)
  • International Data Group (IDG) is a prominent media, events, and research company that was(...)
  • The International Journal of Research in Marketing is an academic resource that's(...)
  • The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use standardized(...)
  • Internet activism, also known as digital activism or online activism, is a form of activism(...)
  • Internet activism, also known as online activism or digital campaigning, is a form of activism(...)
  • An Internet bot, often simply referred to as a bot, is a software application that carries out(...)
  • An internet celebrity, also known as an influencer, is a person who has gained fame through(...)
  • An Internet Celebrity is a person who gains fame through the internet. They emerged in the(...)
  • Internet censorship refers to the legal control or suppression of what can be accessed,(...)
  • A forum, in the context of the internet, is a virtual platform designed for public discussion.(...)
  • Internet manipulation is a broad term encompassing various methods and technologies used to(...)
  • is a global initiative launched on August 20, 2013, by Meta Platforms, in(...)
  • Internet Privacy is a crucial aspect of the digital realm that deals with safeguarding users'(...)
  • The Internet Protocol (IP) is a principal technology that drives the Internet. It's a set of(...)
  • The Internet Research Agency (IRA) is a Russian company, founded in Saint Petersburg in 2013,(...)
  • Interoperability, in the realm of technology and systems, is the capability of different(...)
  • Invented tradition refers to cultural practices or phenomena that appear to have a(...)
  • Investor's Business Daily (IBD) is a U.S.-based newspaper and website that covers business,(...)
  • iOS is a widely-used operating system developed by Apple Inc., primarily for its mobile(...)
  • An IP address is a unique identifier assigned to each device connected to a network, enabling(...)
  • The iPhone is a notable product of Apple Inc, a renowned technology company. Introduced to(...)
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol developed by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988 for instant(...)
  • Social networking services refer to online platforms that facilitate the building of networks(...)
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