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Badoo is a well-known online platform primarily used for dating, chatting, and making friends. It was established in November 2006 by Andrey Andreev and quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the most downloaded dating apps across 21 countries by 2016. Badoo offers a freemium service, with key features such as People Nearby, Search, Encounters, and Video Chat. It also provides enhanced security[1] measures like a selfie request button and photo verification. However, it has faced criticism for issues like vie privée[2] and the way it matches users. Despite these challenges, Badoo has a global reach with over 108 million members and has been widely covered by international media.

Définitions des termes
1. security. Security, as a term, originates from the Latin 'securus,' meaning free from worry. It is a concept that refers to the state of being protected from potential harm or threats. This protection can apply to a wide range of referents, including individuals, groups, institutions, or even ecosystems. Security is closely linked with the environment of the referent and can be influenced by different factors that can make it either beneficial or hostile. Various methods can be employed to ensure security, including protective and warning systems, diplomacy, and policy implementation. The effectiveness of these security measures can vary, and perceptions of security can differ widely. Important security concepts include access control, assurance, authorization, cipher, and countermeasures. The United Nations also plays a significant role in global security, focusing on areas like soil health and food security.
2. vie privée. La protection de la vie privée est un concept fondamental qui a évolué au cours de l'histoire et qui continue de façonner notre discours sociétal. Historiquement, il est issu de débats philosophiques, avec des figures comme Aristote et John Locke qui en ont posé les bases. La protection de la vie privée est également liée à des questions juridiques et éthiques, comme en témoignent les arrêts historiques de la Cour suprême et les révélations telles que celles d'Edward Snowden. Les progrès technologiques ont à la fois remis en question et renforcé la protection de la vie privée, en introduisant de nouvelles menaces et de nouvelles mesures de protection. Les normes de protection de la vie privée varient d'un pays à l'autre et d'une organisation internationale à l'autre. À l'ère numérique, la vie privée est confrontée à de nouveaux défis et considérations, tels que l'utilisation des médias sociaux, la culture du selfie et les services de géolocalisation. Ce concept englobe le droit d'un individu à garder ses informations personnelles secrètes et à l'abri de toute intrusion non autorisée.
Badoo (Wikipedia)

Badoo is a dating-focused social network founded by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev in 2006. It is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus and London, United Kingdom, with offices in Malta, Russia and the United States. It operates in 190 countries and is available in 47 languages, making it the world's most widely used dating network. The app is available on iOS, Android, and the web. Badoo operates on a freemium model, whereby the core services can be used without payment.

Type de site
Available in47 languages
Country of originRussia
PropriétaireBumble Inc.
(anciennement MagicLab)
Created byAndrey Andreev
ParentBadoo Trading Limited
LancéNovember 2006; 17 years ago (2006-11)
Statut actuelActif
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