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Giphy is a renowned online platform and moteur de recherche[2] dedicated to creating, sharing, and discovering short looping videos known as GIFs. The platform was co-founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke in February 2013. Initially, it acted as a GIF[6] search engine, but it expanded to allow users to post and share GIFs on médias sociaux[3] des plates-formes telles que Facebook[4]. Over the years, Giphy has raised significant funding and was acquired by Facebook Inc., now known as Métaplateformes[1]. Despite facing legal issues related to vie privée[5] and market competition, Giphy has maintained its growth, boasting over 200 million daily users. The platform also works closely with brands for marketing promotions and has made collaborative efforts with entities like Universal Studios and Line. Giphy’s impact is reflected in its media coverage, with various outlets reporting on its developments.

Définitions des termes
1. Métaplateformes ( Meta Platforms ) Meta Platforms, Inc. is a leading technology conglomerate based in Menlo Park, California. It owns and operates a suite of popular digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp. As one of the top American information technology companies, Meta's portfolio extends beyond social media, with acquisitions in virtual reality (Oculus), mapping (Mapillary), brain-computer interface technology (CTRL-Labs), and a strategic investment in Jio Platforms. The company heavily relies on advertising for revenue. It went public in 2012, raising $16 billion in one of the largest IPOs in US history. In recent years, Meta has shifted its focus towards building a metaverse, an integrated virtual environment, which led to its rebranding from Facebook in 2021. Despite facing challenges including data breaches, leadership changes, and changes in privacy regulations, the company continues to innovate in areas like artificial intelligence and new app development.
2. moteur de recherche. Un moteur de recherche est un outil essentiel qui fait partie d'un système informatique distribué. Il s'agit d'un système logiciel qui répond aux requêtes des utilisateurs en fournissant une liste d'hyperliens, de résumés et d'images. Il utilise un système d'indexation complexe, qui est continuellement mis à jour par des robots d'indexation qui exploitent les données des serveurs web. Certains contenus restent toutefois inaccessibles à ces robots. La vitesse et l'efficacité d'un moteur de recherche dépendent fortement de son système d'indexation. Les utilisateurs interagissent avec les moteurs de recherche par l'intermédiaire d'un navigateur web ou d'une application, en saisissant des requêtes et en recevant des suggestions au fur et à mesure de la saisie. Les résultats peuvent être filtrés selon des types spécifiques et le système est accessible sur différents appareils. Cet outil est important car il permet aux utilisateurs de naviguer sur le vaste web, de trouver des contenus pertinents et de récupérer efficacement des informations.
Giphy (Wikipedia)

Giphy (/ˈɡɪfi/ GHIF-ee), styled as GIPHY, is an American online database and search engine that allows users to search for and share animated GIF files.

Giphy, Inc.
Type de site
Available in32 languages
Fondée2013; 11 years ago (2013)
SiègeNew York, New York, U.S.
Founder(s)Jace Cooke
Alex Chung
ProduitsGIF Platform
ServicesSearching, sharing, and browsing animated GIFs
Utilisateurs1.7 billion daily users (2023)
Statut actuelActif
Native client(s) onAndroid, iOS, Navigateur web

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