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ImmuniWeb is a prominent organization in the field of cybersecurity, known for its extensive research and contributions to enhancing the security[2] of various software products. The ImmuniWeb Security Research Team has published over 500 security advisories, uncovering vulnerabilities in products from major vendors like Sony, McAfee, and Novell. They have also found potential security threats in widely-used web applications such as osCommerce, Zen Cart, and Microsoft[1] SharePoint. ImmuniWeb is recognized by MITRE as CVE and CWE compatible, making it one of the 81 organizations that include CVE identifiers in their security advisories. Additionally, ImmuniWeb offers a free online SSL/TLS configuration testing tool that helps users assess the security of server configurations. Beyond security, ImmuniWeb has conducted important vie privée[3] research, most notably discovering vulnerabilities in Yahoo ![4] sites which led to significant changes in Yahoo’s bug bounty program.

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1. Microsoft ( Microsoft ) Microsoft is a globally recognized technology company, well-known for its software, hardware, and other digital services. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, it launched revolutionary products like the Windows operating system, Microsoft 365 suite, and the Xbox gaming consoles. Under the leadership of their current CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft broadened its scope to include cloud computing and pursued a policy of active acquisitions, including GitHub and Mojang, to enhance its product offerings. Despite facing criticisms and legal challenges over monopoly behavior and usability issues, Microsoft has maintained a solid financial performance, even achieving a trillion-dollar market cap in 2019. Today, it continues to innovate and expand, holding a significant position in the global tech industry.
2. security. Security, as a term, originates from the Latin 'securus,' meaning free from worry. It is a concept that refers to the state of being protected from potential harm or threats. This protection can apply to a wide range of referents, including individuals, groups, institutions, or even ecosystems. Security is closely linked with the environment of the referent and can be influenced by different factors that can make it either beneficial or hostile. Various methods can be employed to ensure security, including protective and warning systems, diplomacy, and policy implementation. The effectiveness of these security measures can vary, and perceptions of security can differ widely. Important security concepts include access control, assurance, authorization, cipher, and countermeasures. The United Nations also plays a significant role in global security, focusing on areas like soil health and food security.
ImmuniWeb (Wikipedia)

ImmuniWeb is a global application security company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ImmuniWeb develops Machine Learning and AI technologies for SaaS-based application security solutions provided via its proprietary ImmuniWeb AI Platform.

Type d'entreprisePrivate
Fondée2019 (2019)
FounderDr. Ilia Kolochenko (CEO)
Zone desservie
North America
ProduitsImmuniWeb AI Platform
ServicesApplication security testing,
Attack Surface management,
Dark Web monitoring
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