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Comparison of online dating services

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Online dating[1] services are platforms that facilitate romantic or sexual connections between individuals over the internet[2]. These services vary widely in their approaches and target demographics. Some, like Adam4Adam, cater specifically to men, offering features such as free messaging and STD-notifications. Others, like Adult FriendFinder and AnastasiaDate, are more general, connecting members based on their profiles and focusing primarily on heterosexual connections. There are also services like Ashley Madison and Badoo[3], which cater to different user needs, such as married individuals seeking extramarital affairs or individuals looking for casual chat or dating. Some services require payment for certain features, while others offer free registration with some premium features. These platforms have grown in popularity over the years, with millions of registered users worldwide. However, not all are successful, as evidenced by the list of defunct dating websites. Overall, online dating services have revolutionized how individuals meet and interact romantically.

Terms definitions
1. Online dating ( Online dating ) Online dating, as the term suggests, is a modern approach to finding potential romantic or sexual partners using the internet. It's a service, sometimes free and other times paid, that caters to different demographics and kinds of relationships. Users create profiles, which include personal details, photographs, and videos, to engage with other people. These services often provide matchmaking options, profile building assistance, and various communication tools. The online dating scene is continually changing, influenced by new trends and technological advancements. It's worth noting that matching algorithms in these services are only slightly more effective than random matching. Ultimately, the impact and challenges of online dating, as well as its role in fostering long-term relationships, continue to be subjects of ongoing debate.
2. internet. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use standardized communication protocols, primarily the TCP/IP, to link devices worldwide. Originating from the term 'internetted' used in 1849, the term 'Internet' was later used by the US War Department in 1945. Its development began with computer scientists creating time-sharing systems in the 1960s and further progressed with the establishment of ARPANET in 1969. The Internet is self-governed, without a central authority, and its principal name spaces are administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It has significantly transformed traditional communication media and has grown exponentially over the years, with internet users increasing 20% to 50% annually. In 2019, over half of the world population used the Internet. The Internet protocol suite, which includes TCP/IP and four conceptual layers, guides internet packets to their destinations. Essential services like email and Internet telephony operate on the Internet. The World Wide Web, a global collection of interconnected documents, is a key component of the Internet.

This is a partial, non-exhaustive list of notable online dating websites and mobile apps.

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