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DST Global is an investment firm specializing in late-stage growth, primarily in the consumer[1] internet[2] sector. Founded by Yuri Milner in 2009, it serves as the primary investment vehicle post the IPO of Group, a company initially founded as Digital Sky Technologies. DST Global has made investments in over 80 companies, largely outside Russia, driven by business rationale rather than geopolitical interests. The firm is known for its unique investment strategy which includes not seeking board seats in significant deals, thus empowering company founders. It maintains offices in various global locations, including Menlo Park, New York, London, Beijing, and Hong Kong, with its funds’ registered office in the Cayman Islands. DST Global has played a pivotal role in shaping the global tech landscape while maintaining a strong stance on geopolitical issues such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Terms definitions
1. consumer. A consumer, in simple terms, is an individual who purchases goods or services for their personal use and not for resale or commercial purposes. They play a significant role in the economy as their demand for products motivates manufacturers to produce. This dynamic influences production, distribution, and consumption processes. Consumers also have certain rights, established by President John F. Kennedy, that include safety, information, choice, redressal, and representation. These rights protect them from hazardous goods and unfair practices. In today's digital age, consumers are evolving into 'prosumers', actively participating in product creation. Consumer behavior, therefore, has a profound impact on marketing strategies, leading to personalized marketing and mass customization.
2. internet. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use standardized communication protocols, primarily the TCP/IP, to link devices worldwide. Originating from the term 'internetted' used in 1849, the term 'Internet' was later used by the US War Department in 1945. Its development began with computer scientists creating time-sharing systems in the 1960s and further progressed with the establishment of ARPANET in 1969. The Internet is self-governed, without a central authority, and its principal name spaces are administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It has significantly transformed traditional communication media and has grown exponentially over the years, with internet users increasing 20% to 50% annually. In 2019, over half of the world population used the Internet. The Internet protocol suite, which includes TCP/IP and four conceptual layers, guides internet packets to their destinations. Essential services like email and Internet telephony operate on the Internet. The World Wide Web, a global collection of interconnected documents, is a key component of the Internet.
DST Global (Wikipedia)

DST Global is a venture capital and private equity firm that primarily invests in late-stage internet companies. DST Global has been described as one of the largest and most influential venture firms in the world, with an estimated $50 billion in assets under management. DST Global's founder is Yuri Milner and its co-founders are Saurabh Gupta, John Lindfors, Rahul Mehta and Tom Stafford. The company was founded in 2009 as a spinoff from Russian company Digital Sky Technologies, which became Group (later the VK company). In the early 2010s, DST Global international investments were focused on emerging markets such as China.

DST Global
Company typePrivate
IndustryInvestment management
Founded2009; 15 years ago (2009)
FoundersYuri Milner
Saurabh Gupta
John Lindfors
Rahul Mehta
Tom Stafford
ProductsVenture capital
Private equity
AUMUS$50 billion
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