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Marketing de afinidade

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Affinity marketing is a strategy that unites a business and an organization in order to provide mutual benefits. This approach relies on a third-party endorsement from an affinity group, a group of individuals connected by a shared interest or purpose. The aim of affinity marketing is to tailor products to the consumers’ needs based on the common bond within the group. This marketing method is often used in e-commerce, where businesses promote relevant links or share referrals. The key benefits of affinity marketing include low start-up costs, flexibility, and the ability to earn commissions. However, it also presents challenges, such as potential reluctance from organizations to endorse companies, and the need for careful timing and product fit. Affinity marketing strategies often focus on support for a cause, relationship-based affinity, aspirational affinity, and self-interest affinity. The effectiveness of this approach depends on a good understanding of the affinity group’s nature and power.

Marketing de afinidade is a concept that consists of a partnership between a company (supplier) and an organization that gathers persons sharing the same interests to bring a greater consumer base to their service, product or opinion. This partnership is known as an affinity group.

The first academic approach of affinity marketing was provided by Macchiette and Roy in 1992. They described this notion as a combination of affinity and the marketing ideas. They defined the word affinity as "an individual level of cohesiveness, social bonding, identification and conformity to the norms and standards of a particular reference group" whereas marketing is described to be the "expectation of benefit for the individual satisfying consumer wants and needs".

Affinity marketing differs from co-branding. The benefits of co-branding partnerships come from the consequences of the association of multiple companies, whereas the benefits of affinity marketing derive from the mental satisfaction to have profited the affinity group.

An affinity group is a group which has a solid connection with a considerable number of consumers and which has the possibility to target them in a much easier way than what can be accomplished by way of ordinary marketing process. People may recognize themselves in affinity groups such as charitable organizations, football teams, enterprises, companies, and organizations. Thus, affinity group members may be fans, customers, subscribers, or staff members.

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