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Marketing industrial

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Industrial marketing, also known as empresa a empresa[1] (B2B) marketing, is a specialized field of marketing. It evolved in the 1980s from being primarily industry-focused to being more business-oriented. This shift was formalized in the late 1990s with the emergence of the term ‘business marketing[2].’ B2B marketing is characterized by its one-to-one nature, the involvement of professional buyers, and complex selling processes. The lines between industrial and consumidor[4] marketing have blurred over time, with many products being desired by both businesses and consumers. Procurement is a key aspect of industrial marketing, with competitive tendering being a common practice. Industrial marketers often engage in business-to-government marketing, which involves selling to government agencies and bidding on contracts. In this field, strategies are often tailored to target specific customer[3] segments, and the success of these strategies is often measured using metrics like the hit rate.

Definições de termos
1. Empresa a empresa ( business-to-business ) Business-to-business, commonly known as B2B, is a term that describes the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses, as opposed to between businesses and consumers (B2C). It typically involves large-scale transactions as it forms a crucial part of the supply chain for most industries. B2B transactions often require significant upfront investments, professional staff, and legal counsel. They also have their own unique negotiating power dynamics and are usually based on raw data. B2B can extend to include e-commerce for consumers, known as B2B2C. B2B operations face various challenges, so it's essential for organizations to develop effective strategies and relationships. The emergence of e-procurement, where businesses make purchases via online platforms, has significantly transformed B2B operations.
2. business marketing.
1 Business Marketing is a discipline that focuses on strategies, techniques, and management processes utilized by organizations to promote and sell their products or services to other businesses. It originated in the mid-19th century, with research intensification in the last 25 years. It is a common field of study in universities, with many marketing majors launching their careers in this sector. Efficiency is a significant aspect of business marketing, with internal efficiency relating to cost-effective product preparation and external efficiency concerning effective marketing and profit maximization. Its interrelation with consumer markets highlights the fact that business markets often have a derived demand from consumer markets. Business marketing differs from consumer marketing in several ways, including shorter distribution channels and a more personal negotiation process. The strategies in this field are dynamic, emphasizing the need for good business intelligence, extensive research, and the use of technology. The impact of business marketing is substantial, with billions of dollars spent annually in the US alone.
2 Business marketing is a practice that traces its roots to ancient times, with its significance becoming more pronounced in the mid-19th century. This field, which has been extensively studied in academia since the late 20th century, forms the foundation for the careers of most marketing majors. Business marketing is characterized by its focus on efficiency, both internally (cost-effective production) and externally (effective marketing for maximum profits). It is integral to the B2B market, and its dynamics have profound effects on both internal and external markets within businesses. The interplay between business and consumer markets is significant, with the two influencing each other's demands and contributing to economic growth. Compared to consumer marketing, business marketing involves shorter distribution channels, more personalized buyer-seller negotiations, and a smaller advertising budget. However, both share common goals of profitability, product-market alignment, and effective communication. The strategies in business marketing are tailored to specialized, industry-specific target markets and consider influencers beyond decision-makers. Despite its acceptance of premium pricing and large transaction volume market, the growth of business marketing is primarily attributed to technological, entrepreneurial, and marketing revolutions, in addition to the transformative impact of the internet.

Marketing industrial ou business-to-business marketing é o marketing of goods and services by one business to another. Industrial goods are those an industry uses to produce an end product from one or more raw material. The term, industrial marketing has largely been replaced by the term B2B marketing (i.e. business to business marketing).

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