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LeetCode is an online platform primarily used by programmers for interview preparation and coding practice. Founded by Winston Tang in Silicon Valley in 2015, it offers a range of problems in areas such as arrays, graphs, and dynamic programming. These questions, numbering over 3045, range across different difficulty levels – easy, medium, and hard. The platform is equipped with features like mock interviews, online assessments, and daily challenges to help users hone their coding skills. LeetCode also supports different programming languages. While some of its services are free, premium users enjoy added benefits such as access to exclusive interview questions from top tech companies. It has gained popularity among students preparing for tech interviews.

LeetCode (Wikipédia)

LeetCode is an online platform for coding interview preparation. The service provides coding and algorithmic problems intended for users to practice coding. LeetCode has gained popularity among job seekers and coding enthusiasts as a resource for technical interviews and coding competitions.

Tipo de empresaPrivate
FundadaAugust 7th, 2015
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