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  • Earned media is a type of marketing communication, as classified by the PESO model, which also(...)
  • Economies of scale is a term used to describe the increased efficiency of production as the(...)
  • Economies of scope is an economic theory that reflects the cost advantages a business can(...)
  • Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) is a technology-based approach used by(...)
  • EdgeRank is a formula developed by Facebook to determine what content appears in a user's News(...)
  • Electronic media refers to any type of device or medium that utilizes electronics or(...)
  • Email, a widely used communication medium, has been a crucial part of daily life since its(...)
  • An email address is a unique identifier for an individual's electronic mailbox, following a(...)
  • Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that leverages email to promote products or(...)
  • Email remarketing is a strategic method utilized in digital marketing. It involves sending(...)
  • An "Embodied Conversational Agent" (ECA) is a type of intelligent user interface that combines(...)
  • An emoji is a visual representation of an emotion, object, or symbol used in digital(...)
  • Employment is a fundamental socioeconomic concept that involves a worker providing labor and(...)
  • End-to-end encryption, often abbreviated as E2EE, is a vital security measure in the digital(...)
  • The term "End User" primarily refers to the individual or group who directly utilizes a(...)
  • Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) is a term that refers to the use of online platforms and(...)
  • Artificial Intelligence Ethics, a critical field of study, focuses on the moral principles and(...)
  • In the realm of computing, the term "execution" refers to the process by which a computer(...)
  • An executive summary is a crucial component in both academic and business reports, typically(...)
  • Extraversion and introversion are personality traits that describe how individuals respond to(...)
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